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I decided

But I did not want to speak with them or objyas nyat to them something.I decided to write a note, but not was any not cluttered up surface in the house, that to attach it.Therefore I grabbed a piece of carat tone, did in it two holes, passed throughout them ve also hung up a revka to itself on a neck.HUMAN BOMB!!!IF TO BOTHER OR TO IRRITATE WITH IT HER, SHE WILL EXPLODE!!!THERE WILL ARRIVE GUESTS, THE URGENT HELP IS NECESSARY!I with fury turned to work.

Child. Read

V need to be found

goes.V need to be found out, whether correctly the reoyenok is called oliaky by the friend to to the friend on a way of use subjects: for example, furniture table, chair, chair, stool, bench, sofa, chaise lounge; ware plate, saucer, bowl, cup, mug, salad bowl, transport tram, trolleybus, bus, train, electric train.You show to the child subject or the picture with its image, and he calls it.It is necessary to find out, whether correctly the child calls cubs of times personal animals.


gets off on a former defective pronunciation, so say it telny skills did not settle yet.logd the reoyenok insufficiently well perceives the visual material, it cannot remember as letters look.You need to find out: Whether well the child distinguishes similar geometrical figures.Whether he notices a difference between two similar images.Whether he among themselves distinguishes tracings of similar letters.DISTINCTION OF GEOMETRICAL FIGURES Put a circle and an oval before the child you can draw them.

There will

In the future day nursery and gardens will be available to all, but to their services will resort elaborately, very seldom placing children under three years and the more so to two there.There will be no list of people on the waiting list to arrange children in a day nursery.Education of children in large commercial child care facilities with the unemotional environment, plastic furniture exhausted by the unqualified and lowpaid state will seem quickly flown and awful era along with other nightmares of our childhood child labor in coal mines and boarding schools for sixyearold children.

It is noticed

How to become indigo parents In the sphere of education of children psychologists, teachers and parents face such phenomenon, as children indigo.Speaking briefly, these children differ from us, generation of parents when we were children, or children who quite recently still were born.It is noticed that their sensitivity is many times higher, ekstrasensorny abilities are shown much more often than in children of the previous generation that their body possesses six times big, than usually, wave radiation.Also these children more sharply and more resolutely react to any injustice.

Count cars

Play games where you can, and when both of you in nastro eniya rhymes in the car, games with words in a reception at a vr cha.Try to read silly rhymes and books, which you know, and it will urge on imagination and interest of the child see.Between lines.Encourage selfconfidence and Udo volstviye from that it will find figures, gathering dushkin phone number.Count cars on the way to ma gazin or the steps conducting upward in a bedroom.Allow it to derive pleasure both from a way, and from the purpose it mo zht to be weighing and measurement, game in shop from infusion press money, production of rockets from improvised material, drawing by a pencil or paints, research, voobr zheniye.

Tell me as do an atomic

I already almost started answering it, but in remembered time that is not necessary.I in turn asked it: Why we do not go?It was trampled in kitchen and told: I know, I know.Because it is expensive.Well we we can descend at least in a zoo?I need to get used to answering on the son's questions.And it seems to me, it too has to to get used to it.Here that occurred on the last to week: John.Tell me as do an atomic bomb.Ya.Very interesting question.

+ Make the analysis

+ Repeat the drawing from the center.Furniture + Call all pieces of furniture in mno zhestvenny number.+ Emphasize every second letter.Read on them words.+ Print these words.+ Make the analysis of words.Find T in words: bedside table, stool, this zherka, bed, coat.What word superfluous?+ Draw a table.+ Read and remember.+ What word superfluous?Live lifeless The live breathe, eat, grow, breed.

Oh, it can be unpleasant. Bobbie. Yes! Therefore

Monkey still

During its absence of nothing changed.Monkey still sat on a roadside and looked at the sduty wheel of the bicycle.Monkey, here pump.T eper you will be able on to swing a wheel of the bicycle and to go further, the little Rabbit told also showed to the Monkey the pump.Fine!Thanks!was delighted The monkey also began to pump up a wheel.The little Rabbit still had the last gift which needed to be given to the Owl.To to it it also went.

I will be, time

Syuz.I will not be.Mother.Now lift!Syuz cries out very much and throws on a floor but vy pencils, one by one.No!No!No!No!Mother.Do not dare to throw these pencils!Syuz throwing one more pencil.I will be, time I want!Mother beats Syuzi on a hand.I told, stop, illbred little girl!Syuz shouts.You hit me!You me Uda Rila Planina!Mother.You broke pencils which I bought to you.

The magician

And here, all of hundred whether to ask it that it went to the palace and examined the princess.The magician in dvo came rets, rose to the princess, took it by a hand, was felt by pulse and speaks: The princess was left by feeling is glad st.The gray veil of grief shrouded it.But what to do!?exclamation zero in a despair the tsar with the queen.Music, the magician told.It music will rescue.Also left.T otchas sent messengers to collect the best musicians of a kingdom.

Thus let proiz

As softness of sounding this is formed as a result of raising of a middle part of a back of language, reception eliminates it.Show to the child as to make it./ After the child will say a sound l unmistakably, pass to a sound pronunciation usually touching language tip to the top cutters.Thus let proiz carries syllables./ At the end ask the child to repeat after you the isolated sound l.Statement of a sound l at anomalies structures of speech bodies If the child has dizartriya signs, use the third in the way.

I put an end a hedgehog

Now I allow it but to sit anything if it does not go to school.In quarrystone I put it two forms on a bed, and she chooses, what will put on.I so am proud of myself.I put an end a hedgehog to day squabbles with the son concerning that, Nadj to vat to it a jacket or a sweater.I told it: Sam, I thought instead of I speak la to you every day what to put on, you can to solve.Let's think up the scheme, what clothes for what temperature approaches.How to speak that children listened.

And the child

Therefore, a good advice to parents of communicative children that in the room was as little as possible horizontal ploskoskty.Tables, shelves and so on.We try to create a cosiness to the children, but as a result all these planes will be occupied incidentally got there, chaotically, as after a Big Bang in the Universe, subjects.And the child will do homework either on a sofa, or on a floor.Creation hard work for such child.A variety increases their ability to kontsentrikrovatsya.

Research of the Ministry

Research of the Ministry of Internal Affairs on a materi la of one program for protection of children from drugs project To Charlie showed that children whom learned to resist to pressure of contemporaries and to appreciate itself, to make decisions and re to shat problems are much less inclined to smoking or Prieur mu drugs by years, than those who did not take part in the program.Nancey Hobbs, the consultant on this project, explained: To children information is necessary, but they also need confidence, that about to think this information, to make for itself the decision and to be at it happy with itself.

She confirms

This shocking news forced the governments of the different countries to pay more attention to requirements of young families.She confirms that feel the majority of us heart: time when we give love to the small children, we surround them with cares, we support them not luxury, but vital need for them.I hope that new knowledge will help you to follow a need of the heart, but not instructions of advertisers and employers, the government and other social forces.By the end of the book you will be rather grounded to make the decision in favor of your small child, will know why you make such decision and to feel peace of mind and force because that correctly arrive.

It is compared

Children it is not better and is not worse, they different.Such is a golden rule of a positive roditelstvo.It is noticed that when in a family only one child it is very difficult to parents to understand that he another.It is compared very often to children of neighbors, relatives, friends of colleagues.When in a family two children, often compare them among themselves, certainly, pointing to the best example or on more nice to parents of quality of character of one of children.

The message

There is a rule about which we spoke above: The son's eyes in heart of mother, the daughter's eye in the father's heart.The message as if positive mother resembles superficially: in spite of the fact that we do not live with the father together, he all remains your father.Mother says that does not interfere with communication and aloud she never bad told anything about the father.But actually she thinks in a different way.And as internal state of the woman is defining, the boy perceives the father as of it thinks how it is felt by mother, but not as she speaks about it or somehow externally shows the relation.

If to tell

Total absence kakogolibo parental control over information can give to the child very distorted vision realities for the simple reason: good news seldom eye zyvatsya on the first page.If to tell the child about the problems existing in mi re, it can cause in it feeling of fear and powerlessness, the EU whether only you will provide it right there information on that, that it can in this occasion make and how to react.Safety The charitable organization Kidskeyp claims that all parents have to teach children to the following: To be in safety.

Side edges

_i _ ; ui!to an aoapa Y about ny in the form of a normal bite.Side edges of language are pressed to to renny teeth.On the average line of language the fillet, on kotois formed to rum as in a whistle, there is an air stream.The tip of language can upi to ratsya both in lower, and in the top cutters.Current of air accurately moves in the teeth fig., .The sound with has to sound the thin whistle if to whistle certain more rough noise, so increases the sound is mispronounced.

The homeopathy

The homeopathy is system of medicine, which treats all person soul, a body and feelings kro the shechny doses of substances sufficient for stimulations of salutary ability most organism.The homeopathy is softest, and homeopathy chesky preparations have no side effects.Eddie Freeman, homeopathist Habits and mode As at the kid habits start developing, try to set the dream mode gradually.To the kid of a ponr to curl predictability, but also, you will be able to avoid pe and to teach the child to distinguish reutomleniye night from day.


Mother who because of unrealized negative emotions cannot provide due communication has them as at a hindrance on the line, between the developing qualities of the child and qualities of his father.Carried away by the Internet Very often there is a question how to take away the child from the computer?It is really very serious problem today.Computer dependence, Internet dependence, absorption in games is characteristic not only for children.Even adult men have the same problem.

For it lay the hand

Belly breath thus is carried out automatically: The child has to exhale air and after you on imitation with the closed mouth to say low, vibrating in a thorax and gruffish from this vibration not clear average between m and at sound.Vibration of a thorax can be felt as a palm.After that it is desirable to omit vibration as it is possible below.For it lay the hand to that place where at the child resounds thorax, also tell it that you feel its voice.Then move a hand slightly below and offer the child after yours hand to lower the voice in this point.

Breath also

From the provision of sliding on a breast, the left right hand above, right left at a hip, the penoplastovy board is clamped in hips, prodvi to gatsya forward due to performance of fungi by the right left hand.Breath also exhaled to carry out under the right left hand.In sliding on a breast with the penoplastovy board clamped in hips to move ahead due to the alternate movements of hands, carrying out a breath also exhaled under the right or left hand.Fig.Fig.of Fig.

You want

For that pertinently will be to tell: To you it is probably sick?Sometimes to me helps to bend a foot in a knee if I it hurt.You want on to try?Ourselves not always manage to choose correctly time and month that demonstrations of the feelings therefore you should not expect with vershenstvo from the child.It is important that he understood that mo zht to choose as to express it the emotions.Analyze feelings It is much simpler to believe that, if you stolk it nulsyanutsya with difficulties, you keep calm also you do everything depending on you that the world it is fine and that though in it there are bad events, good too there is a lot of.

The same

The same happens to the girl who can have the extremely pious in the person of the mother, the beautiful mother and the wife possessing all best female virtues, but does not see thus, does not feel from heart of the father of the going love, care and guardianship concerning mother or at least a good, kind, kind spirit.Often in families which Are divorced where parents live separately, about some zabok those, to guardianship the speech does not go.But in this sense even benevolence, a kind spirit, a dobrokzhelatelnost in relation to the spouse with whom more already the person does not live as one family, is opredeklyayushchy in order that even the children separated from parents could adopt, nevertheless, at them the best qualities.

I swear

My patience ran low, and I it about it told.I told that I am going to go to kitchen and to drink a cup of tea and I do not want them neither to see, nor to hear, so far they will not tell me that they are going to do instead of beating each other.I swear God, they came in a few minutes the best friends and ska to hall that instead decided to play these shovels Kami in golf.Now I know: if they can with it to understand, let understand.Fiona V.Force them to think I asked one girl as its affairs, and she told: Oh!

It can be to a novovveda

Parents and teachers are more increasing recognize importance train the niya of children to think independently.It can be to a novovveda niya in favor of a mental arithmetic at lessons of mathematics or new to an issla giving of cognitive acceleration, but the essence is clear: adults can encourage children to think, and it wonderfully a bla gopriyatstvut them to education in general.Questions, questions Natural desire of children to ask reaches peak at the age of five years, and in it age you simply use the natural resource.

The last

Simply written, but strong books of Steve are translated into languages today, they are available in houses of four million families around the world.It is especially known for aspiration to raise a paternity role, promotes more positive and active approach in education and education of boys.The last four years Steve supports campaign for improvement of the treatment of parents refugees and their children in the centers of placement of refugees in the remote desert areas.In thanks to support of several thousand Australians all families of refugees left these centers.

Some children

Some children only are also able to speak: And that it?because more nothing is heard.Much it is more useful to answer them, after all even when the word with it izvest but, they need to hear it many times, before they will learn to say it.Dr Sallie Ward, logopedterapevt SIYuY geepok goz zsia That the child grew the happy Quiet time During the ten years' research conducted dry by Sallie Ward by request of the Manchester fund of health care, an obn fell that children at whom houses constantly is present noise of the TV, music or radio, start speaking later.

After a breakfast

Bruce got up, put on everything, except boots, and went to have breakfast.Mother spoke to it: Where your boots?You are going to go in shko lu barefoot?Also look that you put on yourself!SI the ny sweater with a green shirt looks awfully.Bruce, darling, that you made with the trousers?They fragmentary.After a breakfast change clothes of them.Any my child will not go to school in fragmentary trousers!Now look how you pour juice.

All manifestations

All manifestations of negative emotions are identified with that I do something not so, I am not capable to make happy the loved one, I am not capable to make happy the child, is not capable to make so that he did not cry, did not become angry, was afraid of nothing, did not hesitate, did not test any constraint, etc.The second category of parents starts doubting correctness of own behavior, that is, they consider that they not so do something, and often change education methods at all not aside more favorable and effective.


Streamline position of a body soblyu it is given not only when performing exercises in lying, but also at vypol not scientific research institute of exercises in sliding and swimming in the sports ways.Streamline position of a body can be acquired with the help uprazh neniye on the land.Show to the child as it is correct to execute him.For it become directly, connect feet together, raise hands up so, that ears were covered with shoulders, joints of hands and feet are straightened.Under nimayas on socks, be extended up.

When children

Nancey Hobbs advises parents to look to the truth in eyes: For parents it is very important to discuss these questions with children, being guided by their age so that it did not become for pretny subject.When children grow up, they have to know already, that can talk about these things to parents.And base this openness it has to be put in much earlier age.The assessment of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the research sounds so: For I grow up shchy generation it is very important to make attempt early predup rezhdeniye at high school.


Some parents reported that are surprised uspo kaivayushchy influence which had them at nimayushchy statements.Old calm down!or stop!only, appear, irritated even more children.However some words of recognition are frequent umiro tvoryal even and sharply changed the most violent feelings on structure.The first example to us was told by the father.My daughter, Halle, came from kitchen.Mrs.Dzh.so shouted today at me on to physical culture.

It quickly

On the bank of the Black pond he saw at once Svetlyntr vu.Its long dark blue stalks tended to the water.Zhuzhik at sat down, bit off a slice, and right there all it the small little body was lit by the equal in the golden color.It quickly returned to a woodpecker.A woodpecker, now you see the road?Yes, your light quite dostatoch but, the woodpecker answered and departed for Zhuzhik.And meanwhile Dana in a cocoon was absolutely beaten out from forces.

That is, ability

It is very difficult to pour out garbage in the container from which everything already falls too much.That is, ability to a consciousness ochikshcheniye, ability to put himself voluntary in conditions in which the person endures negative emotions, thus apart from it manifestation of some masochism, gives the chance to be cleared of own negative emotions later to become, as if it did not sound bitterly, a receptacle of negative emotions of people which are under our guardianship.And children stand in this queue very first and have on this prime right.

If you are going

Here that she told in one interview: Nobody has the absolute right for career neither the man, nor the woman.If you are going to bring children, the conscientious care of them becomes your fundamental obligation.And if it affects career, let and affects.But nobody wants to agree with this reality.That fact that men who spend much time at work and a little with children, unaccomplished fathers, and women arriving in the same way supermother is, more, than lie.Sherry is severe and with men too: A day nursery allows men to avoid the responsibility before children.

Study through

Many parents mistakenly believe that the sense of responsibility which has to develop at the child in nineteen years, naturally will appear at it earlier.Study through imitation Children study imitating and if parents shout at them or beat, children too start shouting and beating each other Esli parents are capable to apologize, children too start respecting each other and become more prepared to become reliable and responsible.Esli children have opportunity to endure mood of innocence, but not responsibility for the mistakes till nine years after that age or with its approach they will be more capable to study on the mistakes because by this moment their brain will develop enough.

Partly it is connected

Children who come now, from the Vedic point of view lead the life which was much more more sated with emotions, than M As I already spoke, it is caused by that their vnutrenkny purposes are much more concrete, than ours.In other words, living beings who come in last, maybe, fifteentwenty years here, are not able to afford such luxury not to realize that they want.Partly it is connected with that many living beings come from planets of higher level.This information does not belong to the category mythological or the simply experimental.

The child

You offer the child couples of words which are laid out from letters, otlicha yushchiyesya from each other existence or lack of one sound for example: a mole a cat, a lamp a paw, a frame a frame, the card penalty, port sweat, etc..The child has to guess, what sound disappeared, and to insert it into place.The child has to continue the word begun with you.You spread only the first syllable of the word.Further it is necessary to train the child in initial skills letters.

Works the decline

It is explained in the Vedic writing, an Ayurveda and yoga.Vital energy of the person who lost touch with the desires, starts moving down.Works the decline mechanism, to some extent the selfdestruction mechanism.In classical literature there is a history of one girl which very strongly ached, lay in very serious condition, it was captured by heat, and she only said that she wants something big and gray.She told about such zhelakniya which nobody could understand.


Of course, it sounds a little cynically.Actually there are many experts who research problems of parents and children's development.A lot of inconsistent information on positivity of system of a day nursery collected.Therefore disputes on a day nursery were widely publicized in mass media, more coordinated researches began to be conducted.For the last years so much attention was not paid to any other aspect of education of children.Some time results were unconvincing, but then the situation changed.

Be convinced, whether

Sometimes, told from most the best motives, it can bring to is unexpected ache reactions.Be convinced, whether so it.In the following uprazh you will find not scientific research institute the description four different gipote As it is correct to praise tichesky situations in which somebody praises you.Please, read each situation and write your reaction to the received praise.Situation To you for lunch the unexpected is declared guest.You cook chicken cream soup from a bag, add the remains of the chicken remaining with you there and give together with instant rice.


It was actually, the remark which is very accurately displaying a state of affairs because we cannot absorb negative emotions of other people, helping them of them will get rid if we are located only to enduring negative emotions.Philosophy our life such is that we live in the manevrikrovaniye mode between those people and circumstances which bring only positive emotions.If ourselves are overflowed with negative emotions and we have no skills to be exempted from them, we even at all desire and understanding of importance of the help to close people and need to listen to them, whether it be to the husband need to listen to the wife, or mothers to listen to the child, not in forces to do it and process of communication turns into torture.

It can be carried

Situation of III At the child violation of mobility of speech muscles is revealed.Stage The articulation gymnastics see page is system exercises, calculated on improvement of mobility of speech bodies.It can be carried out along with statement of a speech exhalation and in further to be combined with statement of sounds.Simplest happens to begin with it any occupation.Further stages correspond to , and stages of the first situation.Situation of IV Any lack of a structure of the speech is found in the child bodies.

Water quickly

Functions of an internal and skin are various, and heat is constant.Paul zuyas cold or warm water, air or solar bathtubs, from changing time and force of their action, it is possible to operate work of bodies and skin.The main thing and the strongest property at influence of water on orga the nizm is its temperature.Water quickly gives the heat and quickly absorbs it, and air slowly.It means that at water the good heat conduction, and at air the bad.If to become excited under a cool shower the water sliding on a body, quickly heats up, than takes away excess heat from a body.

It is gradually

If child not will be able to say any sound, you should refuse from this way.Let the child say this sound l actually y or not clear vowel it is more accurate so that it got to it on a palm.The exhalation has to be hotter.It is gradually necessary to remove a palm far away from a mouth, that re the benok strengthened an oral exhalation.Saying a sound, the child has to feel how air passes at it between teeth.Watch that the child had shoulders are lowered, and in muscles there was no other tension and clips.


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