Partly it is connected

Partly it is connected Children who come now, from the Vedic point of view lead the life which was much more more sated with emotions, than M As I already spoke, it is caused by that their vnutrenkny purposes are much more concrete, than ours.

In other words, living beings who come in last, maybe, fifteentwenty years here, are not able to afford such luxury not to realize that they want.

Partly it is connected with that many living beings come from planets of higher level.

This information does not belong to the category mythological or the simply experimental.

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The child

The child You offer the child couples of words which are laid out from letters, otlicha yushchiyesya from each other existence or lack of one sound for example: a mole a cat, a lamp a paw, a frame a frame, the card penalty, port sweat, etc.


The child has to guess, what sound disappeared, and to insert it into place.

The child has to continue the word begun with you.

You spread only the first syllable of the word.

Further it is necessary to train the child in initial skills letters.

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Works the decline

Works the decline It is explained in the Vedic writing, an Ayurveda and yoga.

Vital energy of the person who lost touch with the desires, starts moving down.

Works the decline mechanism, to some extent the selfdestruction mechanism.

In classical literature there is a history of one girl which very strongly ached, lay in very serious condition, it was captured by heat, and she only said that she wants something big and gray.

She told about such zhelakniya which nobody could understand.

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