Be convinced, whether

Be convinced, whether Sometimes, told from most the best motives, it can bring to is unexpected ache reactions.

Be convinced, whether so it.

In the following uprazh you will find not scientific research institute the description four different gipote As it is correct to praise tichesky situations in which somebody praises you.

Please, read each situation and write your reaction to the received praise.

Situation To you for lunch the unexpected is declared guest.

You cook chicken cream soup from a bag, add the remains of the chicken remaining with you there and give together with instant rice.

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Philosophy It was actually, the remark which is very accurately displaying a state of affairs because we cannot absorb negative emotions of other people, helping them of them will get rid if we are located only to enduring negative emotions.

Philosophy our life such is that we live in the manevrikrovaniye mode between those people and circumstances which bring only positive emotions.

If ourselves are overflowed with negative emotions and we have no skills to be exempted from them, we even at all desire and understanding of importance of the help to close people and need to listen to them, whether it be to the husband need to listen to the wife, or mothers to listen to the child, not in forces to do it and process of communication turns into torture.

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It can be carried

It can be carried Situation of III At the child violation of mobility of speech muscles is revealed.

Stage The articulation gymnastics see page is system exercises, calculated on improvement of mobility of speech bodies.

It can be carried out along with statement of a speech exhalation and in further to be combined with statement of sounds.

Simplest happens to begin with it any occupation.

Further stages correspond to , and stages of the first situation.

Situation of IV Any lack of a structure of the speech is found in the child bodies.

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Water quickly

Water quickly Functions of an internal and skin are various, and heat is constant.

Paul zuyas cold or warm water, air or solar bathtubs, from changing time and force of their action, it is possible to operate work of bodies and skin.

The main thing and the strongest property at influence of water on orga the nizm is its temperature.

Water quickly gives the heat and quickly absorbs it, and air slowly.

It means that at water the good heat conduction, and at air the bad.

If to become excited under a cool shower the water sliding on a body, quickly heats up, than takes away excess heat from a body.

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It is gradually

It is gradually If child not will be able to say any sound, you should refuse from this way.

Let the child say this sound l actually y or not clear vowel it is more accurate so that it got to it on a palm.

The exhalation has to be hotter.

It is gradually necessary to remove a palm far away from a mouth, that re the benok strengthened an oral exhalation.

Saying a sound, the child has to feel how air passes at it between teeth.

Watch that the child had shoulders are lowered, and in muscles there was no other tension and clips.

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