When children

When children Nancey Hobbs advises parents to look to the truth in eyes: For parents it is very important to discuss these questions with children, being guided by their age so that it did not become for pretny subject.

When children grow up, they have to know already, that can talk about these things to parents.

And base this openness it has to be put in much earlier age.

The assessment of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the research sounds so: For I grow up shchy generation it is very important to make attempt early predup rezhdeniye at high school.

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However Some parents reported that are surprised uspo kaivayushchy influence which had them at nimayushchy statements.

Old calm down!

or stop!

only, appear, irritated even more children.

However some words of recognition are frequent umiro tvoryal even and sharply changed the most violent feelings on structure.

The first example to us was told by the father.

My daughter, Halle, came from kitchen.



so shouted today at me on to physical culture.

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It quickly

It quickly On the bank of the Black pond he saw at once Svetlyntr vu.

Its long dark blue stalks tended to the water.

Zhuzhik at sat down, bit off a slice, and right there all it the small little body was lit by the equal in the golden color.

It quickly returned to a woodpecker.

A woodpecker, now you see the road?

Yes, your light quite dostatoch but, the woodpecker answered and departed for Zhuzhik.

And meanwhile Dana in a cocoon was absolutely beaten out from forces.

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That is, ability

That is, ability It is very difficult to pour out garbage in the container from which everything already falls too much.

That is, ability to a consciousness ochikshcheniye, ability to put himself voluntary in conditions in which the person endures negative emotions, thus apart from it manifestation of some masochism, gives the chance to be cleared of own negative emotions later to become, as if it did not sound bitterly, a receptacle of negative emotions of people which are under our guardianship.

And children stand in this queue very first and have on this prime right.

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If you are going

If you are going Here that she told in one interview: Nobody has the absolute right for career neither the man, nor the woman.

If you are going to bring children, the conscientious care of them becomes your fundamental obligation.

And if it affects career, let and affects.

But nobody wants to agree with this reality.

That fact that men who spend much time at work and a little with children, unaccomplished fathers, and women arriving in the same way supermother is, more, than lie.

Sherry is severe and with men too: A day nursery allows men to avoid the responsibility before children.

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