Breath also

Breath also From the provision of sliding on a breast, the left right hand above, right left at a hip, the penoplastovy board is clamped in hips, prodvi to gatsya forward due to performance of fungi by the right left hand.

Breath also exhaled to carry out under the right left hand.

In sliding on a breast with the penoplastovy board clamped in hips to move ahead due to the alternate movements of hands, carrying out a breath also exhaled under the right or left hand.



of Fig.

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You want

You want For that pertinently will be to tell: To you it is probably sick?

Sometimes to me helps to bend a foot in a knee if I it hurt.

You want on to try?

Ourselves not always manage to choose correctly time and month that demonstrations of the feelings therefore you should not expect with vershenstvo from the child.

It is important that he understood that mo zht to choose as to express it the emotions.

Analyze feelings It is much simpler to believe that, if you stolk it nulsyanutsya with difficulties, you keep calm also you do everything depending on you that the world it is fine and that though in it there are bad events, good too there is a lot of.

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The same

The same The same happens to the girl who can have the extremely pious in the person of the mother, the beautiful mother and the wife possessing all best female virtues, but does not see thus, does not feel from heart of the father of the going love, care and guardianship concerning mother or at least a good, kind, kind spirit.

Often in families which Are divorced where parents live separately, about some zabok those, to guardianship the speech does not go.

But in this sense even benevolence, a kind spirit, a dobrokzhelatelnost in relation to the spouse with whom more already the person does not live as one family, is opredeklyayushchy in order that even the children separated from parents could adopt, nevertheless, at them the best qualities.

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I swear

I swear My patience ran low, and I it about it told.

I told that I am going to go to kitchen and to drink a cup of tea and I do not want them neither to see, nor to hear, so far they will not tell me that they are going to do instead of beating each other.

I swear God, they came in a few minutes the best friends and ska to hall that instead decided to play these shovels Kami in golf.

Now I know: if they can with it to understand, let understand.

Fiona V.

Force them to think I asked one girl as its affairs, and she told: Oh!

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It can be to a novovveda

It can be to a novovveda Parents and teachers are more increasing recognize importance train the niya of children to think independently.

It can be to a novovveda niya in favor of a mental arithmetic at lessons of mathematics or new to an issla giving of cognitive acceleration, but the essence is clear: adults can encourage children to think, and it wonderfully a bla gopriyatstvut them to education in general.

Questions, questions Natural desire of children to ask reaches peak at the age of five years, and in it age you simply use the natural resource.

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