If to tell

If to tell Total absence kakogolibo parental control over information can give to the child very distorted vision realities for the simple reason: good news seldom eye zyvatsya on the first page.

If to tell the child about the problems existing in mi re, it can cause in it feeling of fear and powerlessness, the EU whether only you will provide it right there information on that, that it can in this occasion make and how to react.

Safety The charitable organization Kidskeyp claims that all parents have to teach children to the following: To be in safety.

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Side edges

Side edges _i _ ; ui!

to an aoapa Y about ny in the form of a normal bite.

Side edges of language are pressed to to renny teeth.

On the average line of language the fillet, on kotois formed to rum as in a whistle, there is an air stream.

The tip of language can upi to ratsya both in lower, and in the top cutters.

Current of air accurately moves in the teeth fig.

, .

The sound with has to sound the thin whistle if to whistle certain more rough noise, so increases the sound is mispronounced.

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The homeopathy

The homeopathy The homeopathy is system of medicine, which treats all person soul, a body and feelings kro the shechny doses of substances sufficient for stimulations of salutary ability most organism.

The homeopathy is softest, and homeopathy chesky preparations have no side effects.

Eddie Freeman, homeopathist Habits and mode As at the kid habits start developing, try to set the dream mode gradually.

To the kid of a ponr to curl predictability, but also, you will be able to avoid pe and to teach the child to distinguish reutomleniye night from day.

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Computer Mother who because of unrealized negative emotions cannot provide due communication has them as at a hindrance on the line, between the developing qualities of the child and qualities of his father.

Carried away by the Internet Very often there is a question how to take away the child from the computer?

It is really very serious problem today.

Computer dependence, Internet dependence, absorption in games is characteristic not only for children.

Even adult men have the same problem.

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For it lay the hand

For it lay the hand Belly breath thus is carried out automatically: The child has to exhale air and after you on imitation with the closed mouth to say low, vibrating in a thorax and gruffish from this vibration not clear average between m and at sound.

Vibration of a thorax can be felt as a palm.

After that it is desirable to omit vibration as it is possible below.

For it lay the hand to that place where at the child resounds thorax, also tell it that you feel its voice.

Then move a hand slightly below and offer the child after yours hand to lower the voice in this point.

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