Monkey still

Monkey still During its absence of nothing changed.

Monkey still sat on a roadside and looked at the sduty wheel of the bicycle.

Monkey, here pump.

T eper you will be able on to swing a wheel of the bicycle and to go further, the little Rabbit told also showed to the Monkey the pump.



was delighted The monkey also began to pump up a wheel.

The little Rabbit still had the last gift which needed to be given to the Owl.

To to it it also went.

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I will be, time

I will be, time Syuz.

I will not be.


Now lift!

Syuz cries out very much and throws on a floor but vy pencils, one by one.






Do not dare to throw these pencils!

Syuz throwing one more pencil.

I will be, time I want!

Mother beats Syuzi on a hand.

I told, stop, illbred little girl!

Syuz shouts.

You hit me!

You me Uda Rila Planina!


You broke pencils which I bought to you.

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The magician

The magician And here, all of hundred whether to ask it that it went to the palace and examined the princess.

The magician in dvo came rets, rose to the princess, took it by a hand, was felt by pulse and speaks: The princess was left by feeling is glad st.

The gray veil of grief shrouded it.

But what to do!


exclamation zero in a despair the tsar with the queen.

Music, the magician told.

It music will rescue.

Also left.

T otchas sent messengers to collect the best musicians of a kingdom.

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Thus let proiz

Thus let proiz As softness of sounding this is formed as a result of raising of a middle part of a back of language, reception eliminates it.

Show to the child as to make it.

/ After the child will say a sound l unmistakably, pass to a sound pronunciation usually touching language tip to the top cutters.

Thus let proiz carries syllables.

/ At the end ask the child to repeat after you the isolated sound l.

Statement of a sound l at anomalies structures of speech bodies If the child has dizartriya signs, use the third in the way.

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I put an end a hedgehog

I put an end a hedgehog Now I allow it but to sit anything if it does not go to school.

In quarrystone I put it two forms on a bed, and she chooses, what will put on.

I so am proud of myself.

I put an end a hedgehog to day squabbles with the son concerning that, Nadj to vat to it a jacket or a sweater.

I told it: Sam, I thought instead of I speak la to you every day what to put on, you can to solve.

Let's think up the scheme, what clothes for what temperature approaches.

How to speak that children listened.

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