It is noticed

It is noticed How to become indigo parents In the sphere of education of children psychologists, teachers and parents face such phenomenon, as children indigo.

Speaking briefly, these children differ from us, generation of parents when we were children, or children who quite recently still were born.

It is noticed that their sensitivity is many times higher, ekstrasensorny abilities are shown much more often than in children of the previous generation that their body possesses six times big, than usually, wave radiation.

Also these children more sharply and more resolutely react to any injustice.

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Count cars

Count cars Play games where you can, and when both of you in nastro eniya rhymes in the car, games with words in a reception at a vr cha.

Try to read silly rhymes and books, which you know, and it will urge on imagination and interest of the child see.

Between lines.

Encourage selfconfidence and Udo volstviye from that it will find figures, gathering dushkin phone number.

Count cars on the way to ma gazin or the steps conducting upward in a bedroom.

Allow it to derive pleasure both from a way, and from the purpose it mo zht to be weighing and measurement, game in shop from infusion press money, production of rockets from improvised material, drawing by a pencil or paints, research, voobr zheniye.

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Tell me as do an atomic

Tell me as do an atomic I already almost started answering it, but in remembered time that is not necessary.

I in turn asked it: Why we do not go?

It was trampled in kitchen and told: I know, I know.

Because it is expensive.

Well we we can descend at least in a zoo?

I need to get used to answering on the son's questions.

And it seems to me, it too has to to get used to it.

Here that occurred on the last to week: John.

Tell me as do an atomic bomb.


Very interesting question.

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+ Make the analysis

+ Make the analysis + Repeat the drawing from the center.

Furniture + Call all pieces of furniture in mno zhestvenny number.

+ Emphasize every second letter.

Read on them words.

+ Print these words.

+ Make the analysis of words.

Find T in words: bedside table, stool, this zherka, bed, coat.

What word superfluous?

+ Draw a table.

+ Read and remember.

+ What word superfluous?

Live lifeless The live breathe, eat, grow, breed.

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Oh, it can be unpleasant. Bobbie. Yes! Therefore

Oh, it can be unpleasant. Bobbie. Yes! Therefore Mother.

Oh, it can be unpleasant.



Therefore Kenya calls me reben lump.


It too.

I so understand that the others children press on you that you remained.




Bobbie, you know, what I think?


Yes, you want that I came home in time.


There is more to come, the main thing that I worry, when you are late.


Well then do not worry!


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